E-On Software Vue 7 xStream (X86/X64)

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E-On Software Vue 7 xStream (X86/X64)


Proxy geometry is dynamically created by Vue 7 xStream inside the host application so that you can use your application's standard manipulators to move, rotate or resize each element of the Vue environment individually.

You can use all standard tools of your application (such as alignment, scripting or even add fur to Vue elements), and you can make Vue elements interract dynamically with native objects (e.g. collision detection, etc).

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Animation of Vue items can be done either through Vue (e.g. for wind effects), or using the host application's animation tools. Both types of animation are naturally combined seamlessly.

Vue 7 xStream for 3ds Max and Cinema4D will even let you paint EcoSystems interactively (on Vue objects or on native objects), directly through the host application's viewports*.

Full Support of All Vue Elements

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You can create Vue environments directly in the host application, or you can load ready-made environments that were designed on a stand-alone version of Vue (Vue 7 Infinite, or Vue 7 xStream running in stand-alone mode - xStream can run either as a plug-in or as a stand-alone application).

All components of the Vue environments are supported by Vue 7 xStream, including complete EcoSystems, all types of atmospheres, cameras, lighting, all plants, all terrain types and all procedural materials.

Animated scenes are also supported, including wind animations for plants and EcoSystems, atmosphere and cloud animations, and all animated materials.

All imported meshes included in the Vue scene will be loaded as well.

Lights are automatically converted into their Maya/Max/LightWave/Cinema/XSI counterparts, and the atmosphere is converted into a special environment shader.

Integrated Rendering


A single license of Vue 7 xStream can now be used with all compatible applications and renderers installed on your system, without requiring the purchase of any Extra Renderer licenses (unlike what as was the case with Vue 6 xStream).

* Vue 7 xStream for Maya works with both MentalRay and Maya software renderer.

* Vue 7 xStream for Max and XSI works with MentalRay.

* Vue 7 xStream for LightWave and Cinema4D works with the native renderer.

The render process

Max car rendered in a Vue environment

Upon rendering, xStream kicks-in its own render engine, which works in parallel to the native renderer. This assures that the Vue elements will look exactly as if they were rendered inside Vue, and also helps speeding up the rendering of polygon-heavy elements such as terrains and EcoSystems.

However, this is a completely transparent process. There is no need to deal with the xStream renderer. Parameters such as render resolution and anti-aliasing quality need only to be set for the native renderer. If necessary, you can override these settings easily.

Maya sphere in Vue environment

Why two renderers?

E-On Software Vue 7 xStream (X86/X64)

Wouldn't it be more simple to convert Vue environments to polygons and have the native renderer render everything?

Unfortunately, this is not possible:

# Vue environments easily comprise billions of polygons. None of the native renderers would be able to handle this level of complexity.

# The Vue renderer features unique technologies specifically designed to improve the render quality of natural elements (procedural rendering, advanced shading algorithms, etc). These technologies are simply not available in other renderers.

Integration with MentalRay

Vue 7 xStream is compatible with MentalRay for Max, Maya and XSI. This compatibility extends to specific technologies, such as mr Sun&Sky, Photometric Lights or Distributed Bucket Rendering.

Vue 7 xStream will automatically adjust it's settings to match the effects of these features, whenever they are used.

Rendering flexibility

Vue 7 xStream lets you easily disable the rendering of the Vue sky and/or atmospheric effects (e.g. when using mr Sun&Sky). You can even disable the rendering of Vue content altogether, for instance if you want to perform tests on the host-application-part of the scene. If the entire Vue content is disabled from render, the Vue xStream plug-in won't be loaded altogether.

Vue atmospheric effects can be rendered alongside other volumetric plug-ins running in the host application (contingent upon the implementation of the plug-in). For instance, rendering alongside LightWave HyperVoxels or Maya Fluids is possible.

G-buffer and Multi-Pass Rendering

Vue 7 xStream offers powerful g-buffer and multi-pass rendering features, for even greater post-processing flexibility.


Matching Scene Scales

Vue 7 xStream automatically matches it's unit system so that the sizing of Vue elements matches that of the host application. This ensures that a one foot-large cube in Vue also measures exactly one foot in the host application.

It is also possible to customize the scaling ratio between Vue and the host application.


For each element in the environment, Vue generates a 3D proxy in the host application. These proxies are displayed, like any other native object, using the application's OpenGL or Direct3D engine.

You can change the level of detail of proxies to speed up the refresh rate of very large Vue scenes.

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Stand-alone Vue scenes are saved in Vue format. Combined scenes are saved either in the native format of your 3D application, or can be split as native/Vue scenes. In this case, the native scene will reference the Vue scene.

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password : silvergraphics

Install disc

pas vk007


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