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  1. Hello and Welcome! My name is Shado and I am a VJ living in US. I have been making video for psytrance parties and clubs since 1997. Thanks for creating a great forum for sharing info and experience with each other!
  2. I didn't realize she was so popular. Sandra actually is a pretty groovy chick. Does she have anything to do with video art?
  3. Whoa, those are some great photos! Is that cow taking acid? Just kidding! :D
  4. Don't worry. I too am struggling with trying to post without upsetting anyone. Since I am not Russian speaking, I'm sure I seem foolish at times. I have a supreme fondness for other cultures and have met many really great party people from Russian-speaking countries. I hope to meet some cool people who will share their love of this culture with me.
  5. I just did a cool event here in Seattle, Washington, US. 2 big projectors, Arkaos GrandVJ, and a rented video mixer. Drunk people are easy to mix for sometimes!
  6. I am going to check out your footage Malbred. Psychedelic clips are always a good thing :D
  7. I think whatever software someone is comfortable using is best. I make music with Logic Pro because I am happy with it for the most part, yet there is probably people who would disagree. Arkaos works pretty great for me, since I have been using it for the longest. It may not be the best, but it is pretty cool.
  8. Where is the best place to find Rapidshare links of footage or content? This forum seems like it would be pretty cool once the links aren't hidden anymore
  9. I'm using: Arkaos Grand VJ Korg Nano Pad Korg Nano Kontrol Korg Kaoss Entrancer Novation Remote SL61 I am hoping to purchase a video mixer soon...probably an Edirol v-4
  10. Anybody here from the United States? I wish the US had the awesomeness that this forum does.
  11. Your English is better than my Russian! I would love to help if I could.
  12. Thanks for putting up with my limited knowledge of your language. I appreciate you putting an English forum on here for us. I've been using an online translator, but it logs me off the site when I translate a page. I will try the translator you suggested.
  13. Anyone using the new beta version with the black interface? It's pretty killer. As a long time fan of the 3.6 version, it is lacking some features, such as Freeframe. For playing around with though, it is great.
  14. Hi, I am a VJ who is looking for some rapidshare files for footage to use. Do I need to leave messages so that I can prove I am not an internet robot? Thanks