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Features include.

· Different types and shapes of projection screens including cylinder
(single curved), dome (double curved), planar(flat), etc.
. Oculas Rift Support.
· Load custom projection screens from 3D CAD models.
· Support for unlimited number of projectors.
· Built-in projectors database including 5000+ projectors models.
· Extend the projectors database with additional projectors models.
· Edit projectors properties: resolution, throw ratio, position,
orientation, light intensity, horizontal and vertical flip, etc.
· Unlimited number of virtual cameras to view the projection from different room locations.
· Edit cameras properties: resolution, field of view, position, orientation,etc.
· Import Unlimited number of additional 3D objects that can shadow projection image.
· Load objects from CAD models.
· Edit objects sizes, positions and orientation, etc.
· Position the object freely in the scene.
· Direct visual feedback of object occlusion and shadows on the screen.

Projection Calculator

System requirements

The following is the required minimal configuration:
· PC with 2.0 Ghz or higher processor (32bit or 64 bit)
· 2 Gb or more RAM
· A moderate graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD/ATI) with support for FrameBufferObjects.

Projection Calculator


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