Best place for content?

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Where is the best place to find Rapidshare links of footage or content?

This forum seems like it would be pretty cool once the links aren't hidden anymore

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If you don't want to spend any money ,easy just to have an account on each of the most famous ( or not ) footage stocks internet sites. And you will get (slowly) footage by footage  a collection of video content. Because they have content for free and they share it between people who have registered.


the second point is to look for any new video artists who make animation, which is sometimes super cool and they  even include them into the packs ( for money) in future.


Subscribe on all , which is possible Facebook pages ( vj union,community, visual artists, mapping and etc.) There are a lot of people who let to download their loops from Vimeo or you tube or e.t.c. Sometimes they are cool  :bomb: .



Download this f***g AE and C4D  and begin to be into fucking lazy but , be an original VJ  :hi:

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